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Re: Why does my diesel not rev when in gear?

Reviving thread from the dead because I have same issue and found this thread to have lots of useful info.

Problem Statement: 1) Hard starting. Crank about 2-5 minutes. The engine will sound like it's trying to start, cranking sound will increase in pitch, engine slowly chugs to life and I can let off the starter. Once warm, engine starts right up again.

2) Idles fine. Revs up to max on tac with no load (and throws off alternator belt). Under load, I get a max of about 1500 RPM with boat speed on GPS of about 3.7 knots. I have either a light white or grey exhaust, can't tell which.

Additional info: A PO removed the fixed tank and installed bladder tank in locker. The feed from this tank includes an electric fuel pump which is switched on before starting (to overcome a faulty fuel pump elsewhere?)

I spent a lot of effort trying to get cooling water through the engine. The reverse gear water jacket was completely plugged up and required acid solution to get water flowing again. Although I eventually got a good water flow, the exhaust elbow could still be an issue as mentioned in thread.

So my todo list appears to be changing fuel filters, checking fuel quality, fuel flow, and exhaust problems.

Did I miss anything?
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