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Re: My Escape Plan - Insights Wanted

Originally Posted by eric-the-red View Post
Thanks Mark and Aaron, you guys are giving me hope that next fall could work!

I alluded to this before, but to be clear, I have a pretty great life right now. Great friends, good job, lots of activities that I'm passionate about, and the money to pursue them. So, escaping was perhaps a poor choice of words. But after working in cubeland for 15 years or so, I'm ready for a life change. I'd be escaping a perfectly fine "normal" life for something more exotic. And I'm not looking to find myself...I know who I am. I love exploring. I love challenging myself. And I love sailing. And I love not working. Actually, sometimes I love my work too, but the idea of having the freedom to go where I want, stay as long as I want, and explore ot to my heart's content is very appealing.

A "sea of old people" is both hilarious and enlightening. I imagine many have some fascinating tales to tell, and that I'll find some younger interesting people exploring local towns.

And if I do find I don't like it, I can always sell the boat and go back to normal life, right? I do get that simply stepping back into where I was is not likely to happen. I'm ok with this.

I've read that you typically need to put in about 30% of the cost of a boat to equip it for extended cruising. Thinking I'll need a pretty good solar power system, watermaker, maybe wind gen, and great nav electronics and a powerful and super reliable engine - not neccessarily repower, but have a mech go through everything. I can see all that running 25-30k. But you're right, I can probably find most of that on a used cruiser.

Hadn't thought about buying in Fla, but maybe I'll start looking there as well. No reason I couldn't just live in a tent while checking out boats for a couple weeks. I'm not really planning on ocean transits. Maybe after a few years try to get to Europe. Maybe. Primarily coastal cruising. I guess "gunkholing", which is a new term to me. That's when you just find a spot to anchor that's not a port or harbor? If so, yeah, that's the plan. Writing, reading, photography, windsurfing and snorkling will all be done in mass quantities. Add to that biking and busing to explore inland.

So, couple questions about "the life".

When you're outside the US, do small towns and small ports typically have anchorage spots to throw down for free or do they charge? If they have moorage bouys, what do those cost typically? What about tying up for a few days down in the Carribbean and S. America? How much is that usually?

Also, what do you guys do during hurricanes? Outrun them? Ride them out in a protected anchorage? Anchor and get a hotel? Put the boat on the hard?
From Isla Mujeres to Cartegenia to Port Antonio Jamaica there are many small town's to anchor off for free. South America is Generally agood place to stay out of the Huricane belt. Rio Dulce is a good place to stay protected, cheap Marinas. Most things that have broke on my boat I've tossed and realized I never needed rather than replace. I broke a life line stantion 20 years ago and just got rid of the life lines, I wear a harness. My engine sh!t the bed so I tossed it. Boat sails better. My delfatable dinghy puntured so I started paddleing an old windsurf board like a sit on top Kayak. it stows well on deck, no one wants to steal it and I'm healthier. My centerboard popped a hole in my hull 200 miles off shore so I stuck a chop stick wrapped with a sock in the hole and it stayed that way for 6 months untill I careaned my boat on a beach and fixed it with some epoxy. There is alway's a way.

" Some are boat wise and some are other wise"

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