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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

If anything, seems to me that most of the 'speculation' engaged in during the course of this thread has come from those who appear to be loosely "in defense of" of the captain. I have seen nothing to support the notion advanced that the BOUNTY might have been ordered to leave New London, for example - and yet, some hear have tossed that out as a potential mitigating factor... Aside from appearing purely speculative, it's a moot point, in any event. Even if the BOUNTY had been ordered to depart, Waldbridge still had many options to consider. He might have tried to get inside the hurricane barrier at New Bedford, or run up Narragannsett Bay... Or, put into a place like Pt Jefferson on the north shore of LI... Or, up the Hudson, or Delaware, or into Norfolk/Hampton Roads, or up the York or James Rivers... Any of which, he had time to do... No freakin' way would he have not only been ordered to leave New London, but to attempt to shoot the gap between Sandy and Hatteras, as well...-JonEisberg

Our buddy, Chef, has taken on the mission to preserve the Captain's dignity until all the facts are known. He's as entitled to that mission as most of us are entitled to point out how stupid the Capt was.- Minniewaska

Respectfully JOn and Minnie and I do respect you both, I am NOT defending the Captains actions. From the beginning of this post I have said I beleived leaving with the knowledge of a brewing storm was not the correct thing to do and that he is ultimately responsible for that. Once we move away from that point that there is no need to keep coming back to to lay credence to the myriad of misinformation in a post, and the posts are examined for factual vs speculative information, it is my opinion that there is so much assumptions and misinformation that it is hard to see the contributing factors.

Why is that imnportant? If we just close the case here and say the Captain caused this and move on the only lesson learned....not like any of had to learn this lesson, is that he left in a storm. The constant barage of this in almost every post is the classic man needs a scapegoat and a person ton blame this on.

Those of you fixated by this continued blaring that the Captain shouldnt have left ( duh)
potentially are blinding yourselves and other readers to other factors here to learn from. Trying to learn from this is like trying to lkearn from a soap opera.

I have contended since my first post here not to rush to judgement on the causation of the actual sinking so that we may truly learn from this. Rush to judgement including posting erroneouos information, opinions from sources less thatn experienced, wild speculation does not in fact get at the causes of this accident and serves to confuse the issue as to what to beleive. I will not defebd the captains leaving as I beleive it was wrong. I will defend the need to keep an open mind and not rush to judgement on the other causitive agents.

Keeping an open mind in the midst of people calling you a troll is disconcerting, but still necessary. Keeping an open mind is important because there are other issues it appears here which may need attention to prevent a similar disaster from occuring where the Captain encounter heavy weather as a course of normal sailing schedule in one of these tall ship. I have already learned a great deal reading some of the "technical information" posted from REAL experts concerning sailing these vessels. I have a list of possible things which may be learned from this tradgedy, but have held off and will continue to until I really have more facts.

Continued posting about the Captains decision to leave is redundant. Its like getting a constant drum pounding sound which prevents you from hearing some of the other sounds. Those who do that and continue to prevent themselves from hearing some of the other sounds which we need to hear in order to learn more from this.

In addition those who challenge others facts on here are not doing it to be trolls, contrary in nature, picking a fight, defending the captain. Some people like myself do not like to be presented with suppostion and opinion cloaked as fact. If these half truths, conjecture and assumptions are allowed to stand they can be utilized to build other conclusions which are erroneous from them.

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