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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

As a mitigating factor the Captain on the Farlone incident was a non professional captain with a racing crew participating in a race. I would say that will racing some risks are acceptable but not any that put on jeopardy the lives of the crew or the boat safety.-PCP
Not sure I draw the distinction about the mitigating factor here for the Farlone or Rule 62 Captains. He was the captain...he had many years experience...just because he didnt have or didnt apply for a Commercial captains liscence didnt mean that his responsibility to his crew and others was any different. I agree you would think that the BOounty Captain would have an icreased awareness due to his formal liscening and training.

I dont think the Captain of the Bounty, Captain of the Farlones, Captain of Rule 62 have any less responsibility to their crews than each other, nor do I think that mitigates their culpability or blame when it comes to contributing to the cause of the loss of life.

One lesson we may learn from this is that even though we have formal liscensing in place for commercial vessals, that does not mean that a mistake in judgement will not occur or is even less likely to occur. The formal training and experience should minimize the possibilities of this mistakes, buut as we have seen humans are fallible and make mistakes even if they have best of intentions.

One of the reasons it is important to me to try and find out why he left is that that thought process which countered the obvious danger the storm presented should be examined and brought out. That is what we all can learn to recognize in ourself and others...the danger signs when the thought process goes against conventional wisdom is occuring so it can be headed off. Some of this was mentioned in the Rule 62 incident where the Captain allegedly gave in to the cries of his crew iwth seasickness and rough conditions to attempt and insanely diffeicult passage in shallow water when a "rage" was occuring. The lesson for us was that apparently the Captain gave in to pressures he should have stood fast to and that at all times as the Captain that you must make the best decison for the keeping of life vs the cries of the the crew.

It isnt enough for me to know that the Bounty Captain is responsible. In line with this I have tried to cut away the obvious statements attributed to him before in interviews as they could be taken out of context or been a bit of "puffery" and exageration. The reason I think this is the eyewitness statements of many who have come in contact with, sailed with, or worked with this particular captain. Most of not all of them speak to his professionalism, teaching ability and investment to his crew as opposed to an ego maniac Ahab who wanted to tie himself to the mast before the storm like Ahab or Forrest Gump.

I like wingnwing and others on here had met the man if only briefly. The snap judgement in the short time I was around him was not that of an extreme risk taker, but of a gentleman who was professional and loved his vessels as well as tall ship sailing. So what is pertinent in my mind is why would a captain credentialled, experienced and stable like him make such an egerious error. Hopefully some of the eyewitness accounts will open this window so we can see.

Again I state in NO WAY am I asking for, inferring or even thinking this abbrogates his responsibility to make safe decisions and mitigates his actions of pushing away from the dock into the storm.


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