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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by nolatom View Post
Trying to stick to the message rather than who the messenger is, here's yet another opinion, from an industry newsletter, for what it's worth.

OP-ED: Loss of HMS Bounty: The Sea Wins Again | Maritime News | Maritime Executive Magazine

And as the author states at the end, let's wait for the investigation before we declare ourselves "really sure", and openminded (within reason, relating to what isn't--yet--certain) til then?

Yes but he rises some questions and I wonder why these:

"What is the condition of my vessel and its equipment .. Is there that piece of equipment notorious for failing you at the worst time? Are the hull, deck, and hatches tight? Are the seams weeping? Are the engines and generators on a “wing and a prayer”? Where is that weakness, and every vessel has at least one, that the ocean will find its way into, claiming your ship? One must presume the longtime Master of the Bounty knew his vessel"

It is not normal for a Captain having a boat with seams weeping or with engine and generators on a wing and a prayer and if some equipment is notorious to fail, it should have been replaced or substituted.

So why he says specifically this? I guess that like us he had heard people saying that it was the case. Of course the ones that had said that could be wrong and therefore a proper investigation is needed but it just raises the odds that in fact the boat was not in the better condition, not to say in deficient conditions.

and here:

"Today we have satellites. There’s little excuse to take the risk of sailing into bad weather. Good or bad, assume the weather will get worse. It will. It always does. For Bounty, add a hurricane along the way. If you think you can outrun it or avoid it you are betting your ship, your crew’s and your own life on it. Did the Bounty make that bet?"

He is practically answering it's own question.

So yes, an investigation is needed to complete all the picture but fact is that we already know somethings, have strong evidence about others and with the things we know it is safe to assume that Bounty's Captains should have not sailed to face an hurricane in an old wooden ship.

There is a difference between an error and a mistake. This one is no mistake, it is a gross error that costed lives and an investigation is not needed to determine that. It is self-evident with what we know now. An investigation is needed to get all the picture that allowed this to happen and to recommend measures to never happen again or at least diminish the odds.



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