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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
The captain is the responsible for the safety of its crew and should avoid taking any risks that can put it at risk. On the Farlones incident obviously the captain was responsible. it was my opinion at the time and it is the opinion of the CG when they say he "cut to close". He could have avoided that risk.

As a mitigating factor the Captain on the Farlone incident was a non professional captain with a racing crew participating in a race. I would say that will racing some risks are acceptable but not any that put on jeopardy the lives of the crew or the boat safety.

The hugely different factor between the two accidents is that one happened with an amateur captain the other one with a professional Captain.

For what I understood in the US and in some countries like UK any person can be a Captain of a private sailing boat without any qualifications to do that. That is not the case with a professional Captain that is a highly qualified professional and certified in that quality by a licence.


Licenses and training and red tape often have little correlation with actual competence. People get pieces of paper by taking tests, jumping through hoops, and by kissing the right arses. Unfortunately many of the pieces of paper hung on walls and submitted in resume's are quite meaningless. The thing NONE of these credentialing processes measure is common sense and the ability to use knowledge when it counts.
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