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Re: Garbage Island

Originally Posted by jackdale View Post

Just north of you we can recycle:

Plastic bottles - pop bottles are refundable
Glass bottles - beer, liquor and wine are refundable
Juice containers - refundable
Milk cartons - refundable
Glass food containers
Food cans
Plastic bottles
Leaves, pumpkins, Christmas trees (real)
A compostable trial project is underway

I live in a condominium so I take my stuff to a recycle centre or a bottle depot for refunds. Others have a blue bin that city picks up.

I just got back from visiting Yuma and I am always struck by the complete lacking of any recycling. California just over the river does have programs.
The problem is that even if we recylce, a certain amount of the material that goes into the recycle bin will end up on the street, into the storm drain, and into the ocean. The truck picks up the bin, some might fall out of the bin on a windy day during the dumping to the truck, some material might blow out the back of the truck. Might only be a small amount, but what ever goes to the ocean could be there for hundreds of years.

I do recycle (we have curb side), and it definitely helps, but it is not the answer. I also pick-up trash when I go to the beach, at my boat harbor, while sailing (been known to turn the boat around to pick somthing up) and along the side of the road. We still need to in someway make all plastic biodegrade in a shorter amount of time when exposed to UV or salt water or else the oceans will continue collect and holding the stuff.
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