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Re: Frozen lamp oil (Paraffin)

Tubular lanterns (cold-blast and hot-blast lanterns) are much more efficient at producing light than are "dead-flame" lanterns. Many think they look "old-fashioned", but if you want light from a flame, they're the way to go. Kosmos-type lanterns are also very good.

From the W.T. Kirkman Lanterns website:

Q: What type of fuel can I use in a tubular lantern?
A: Standard Lamp Oil, Synthetic Kerosene, or Kerosene Substitute are recommended for use indoors. Clear K-1 Kerosene with a flash point of 124 to 150 degrees is recommended for outside use.

The approved fuels for indoor or outdoor use in Tubular Lanterns and Flat Wick Oil Lamps are:
1. Lamplight Farms® Clear Medallion Brand Lamp Oil, (#60020, #60003 aka #6300, #60005 aka #6400, and #6700 Only ) Flash Point: 145 Degrees Fahrenheit
2. W.M. Barr & Co. Klean-Heat® Kerosene Substitute (#GKKH99991, 128oz, sold by Home Depot SKU #391-171) Flash Point: 145 Degrees Fahrenheit
3. Crown® Brand Clear Lamp Oil (#755946) Flash Point: 141 Degrees Fahrenheit
4. Genuine Aladdin® Brand Lamp Oil (#17552, 32 oz., and #17554, 128 oz.) Flash Point: 141 Degrees Fahrenheit
5. MVP Group International Florasense® Brand Lamp Oil (#MVP73200, 64oz. and #MVP73201, 32 oz., Sold by Wal-Mart ) Flash Point: 142 Degrees Fahrenheit
6. Recochem Clear Lamp Oil (#14-573, 710mL, Sold in Canada) Flash Point: 124 Degrees Fahrenheit

The approved fuels for outdoor use in Tubular Lanterns and Flat Wick Oil Lamps are:
1. Non-Dyed (Clear) Kerosene with a Flash Point Between 124 and 150 Degrees Fahrenheit
2. Sunnyside® Brand 1-K Kerosene (#700G1, #80132, #801G1, #801G3,and #801G5) Flash Point: 125 Degrees Fahrenheit
3. Coleman® Brand Kerosene Fuel (#3000000270) Flash Point: 130 Degrees Fahrenheit
4. Crown® 1-K Fuel Grade Kerosene (#KEM41, #KEP01, #KEP25, #KEM05) Flash Point: 150 Degrees Fahrenheit
5. Crown® Citronella Torch and Lamp Fuel (#CTLP01, #CTLP02, #CTLP48) (OUTDOOR USE ONLY, cut 50:50 with kerosene to extend wick life.) Flash Point: 141 Degrees Fahrenheit
6. Tiki® Brand Citronella Torch Fuel (OUTDOOR USE ONLY, cut 50:50 with kerosene to extend wick life.) Flash Point: 145 Degrees Fahrenheit

NOTICE: Dyed kerosene or lamp oil will eventually clog the wick and inhibit proper operation. It can also permanently stain the lamp or lantern.
If you purchase kerosene from a gas station, make sure that it is from a "blocked" pump so that it is clear and not dyed red.
(Un-blocked kerosene pumps by law must dispense dyed kerosene which will clog lantern wick, and cause it not to burn properly.)

Standard clear lamp oil (Lamp Light Farms Medallion Oil,) is available nationwide at: Target, K-Mart, Ace Hardware, True-Value Hardware, Sentry Hardware, and HWI Do-It Centers.

"Klean-Heat" Kerosene Substitute is available at or through most hardware stores and home centers including: Home Depot, American Eagle, Coast to Coast, Ace Hardware, True-Value, and HWI Do-It Centers.

Genuine Aladdin Brand Lamp Oil is available from Aladdin Lamp Dealers nationwide.

NOTE: DO NOT USE PARAFFIN OIL IN TUBULAR LANTERNS WITH 5/8" or LARGER WICK. (Use Paraffin only in lamps with 1/2" or smaller wick.)


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