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Re: Garbage Island

I've seen the garbage truck dudes chuck the recycling tub and trash bags into the same compactor.. makes ya wonder where your trash AND money are going.

Recycling is good... always has been good to recycle, but reducing use is huge. Anti-theft packaging is ridiculous. Make it too big to stuff in pockets and that leaves a whole lot of packaging. Just wait until the kids open all their christmas presents and check out the trash piled up on the curb for the next trash day... insane. '

And seriously folks... what's with all the water bottles? Bottled water sales are higher than ever and in some instances come from the same tap as the rest of the people in the community where the bottling center is. Yeah... it's not always special. Municipal water centers have high standards and your tap water is probably just dandy!! Same with your well water. Just buy a 1L nalgene bottle and refill it... will last you the rest of your life if you don't lose it. Kinda blows my mind to watch someone spend $1.49 for a 20oz bottle of water in the grocery store line when there's a water fountain on the way out. Don't even get me started on Vitamin water... geeze...

Yeah, the whole save the trees movement was interesting... I love trees.. I'm a biologist!! (mainly human-centric studies though) but I think people forget that trees are renewable. The logging companies plant more trees ya know!! I mean, they want to have more lumber 20 years from now! It's a business investment! Nothing wrong with asking for paper at the grocery store. I know.. the plastic ones make great trash bags for the bathroom though, but the paper ones stand up on their own so you don't need a plastic trash can... Yes, the rain forest argument. Actually that is usually not cleared for lumber but to increase farmland and what is taken out for lumber usually winds up in furniture or plywood. So ask where the lumber for your furniture comes from before buying!!

I think I've gone out on a tangent... Anyway.. interesting thread. It's been a good one to follow. btw, casey1999; I think what you do to help make the world around you tidy means everything. Could you imagine the impact if everyone did the same thing?

PS I've seen quite a few youtube videos of people on sailboats jettisoning broken roller-furlings, cables, stays, whatever... It's a different world on the ocean and I've never been presented with a situation where I have to decide to try to get that mangled bit on deck, or just cut it loose. I'd be interested to see what others have to say about that sort of thing on out on the open water.

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