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Re: Cleaning Hull in the water

Originally Posted by Brent Swain View Post
If everyone wanted to cruise on your boat , live in your home at your street address,drive your car, sleep with your woman, it wouldn't work, so you shouldn't be allowed to do any of the above, because if everyone ( 7 billion people on the planet) did that, it wouldn't work.

Man that is the most feeble and often repeated, bogus argument I've ever heard.
So, using your fallacious logic, dumping your used motor oil down the storm drain is OK, because not everybody who owns a car is going to do the same thing. That pretty much sum up your arguement?

Originally Posted by Brent Swain View Post
Your picture shows you to be a diver. What becomes of the extremely toxic ablative antifouling you scrub off? Doesn't count, because you did it by the rule book?
Look, we live in a technological society. We are going to cause some pollution no matter what, that's just the name of the game. Yes, metal-based anti fouling paints pollute. But you have to weigh the pollution caused by anti fouling paints against the increased air and water pollution caused by boats being used with foul bottoms because they don't have an effective anti fouling coating on them. Not to mention the increased fuel consumption those boats would experience. But to intentionally add to the the damage recreational boating already does to the environment by pouring chlorine bleach into the water, simply because it is convenient to do so? That is the choice of a douchebag, my friend. Even if one person doing it doesn't mean the world is going to end, it's still not the right thing to do.
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