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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Sal Paradise,

This is a rude remark, uncalled for and does not belong on the posting. It shows and inability to control your anger and discuss topics in a rational grownup way. In addition it does not add to the topic or help fellow sailors in general and is clearly a personal attack oriented comment. If you wish to be taken seriously future posting should not be personal in nature. Finally posts of a personal attack nature are against ther terms of service of this site.

Because you a relatively new with 60 posts you should understand that many us on on this site have learned to play fair with each other and can disagree strongly with each other from time to time or even freaquently and do it in a civil respectfully nature. Even with Paulo, whom I have had strong difference of opinion on this particular thread, I value his contributions to SN in many other threads and agree with him most of the time. Do not get caught up in your emotions here as it only the internet, but at the same time do not use that it is the internet to make personal characterizions of people. If that is YOUR agenda...try the off-topic threads where less emphasis is placed on political correctness.

You may not like I have to say... and you can disagree in an adult civil manner like all others...but what you cannot do is what you have done above. In the future keep your posts on the subject not on the subjects or your posts will be reported.



You might consider heeding your own advice. As I read it you've done exactly the same here on SN, and quite recently to boot.

Like this in the Rule 62 thread where Leocat66 simply suggested that the skipper of Rule 62 explain himself publicly. You lit into him like a pit bull.

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post

Leocat66 he has no obligation to you, me or other sailors in this matter. I do not want to hear your ameteur criticisms or Monday morning quarterbacking of what happened.

This thread has had many knowlegeable contributors which has helped myself and others in thinking of what to do to prevent this situation/ scenario and how to handle it if we got into a similar fix. You are not one of them and your rant would serve as no learning experience to myself.

You called the guy an "ameteur" with regard to his posting yet what "facts" do really you about him to make that factually worded statement? What if he is a professional captain? Jumping to conclusions & speculation perhaps? You also told him others were knowledgeable and that he was not knowledgeable? Do you know that for a fact or is this speculation?

Just looking at this you suggest we should...

In this post it seems you let you let "your inability to control your anger and discuss topics in a rational grownup way" take over just as you suggested the poster above not do..

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Didnt take long for the judgement police of SN to voice their opinions. Whos annointed you god to judge. Great commentary from an internet jockey sitting behind a computer. You have no right to use the word "we" amd you certainly dont speak for all sailors.


Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
That's incredible. No insurance and your what 16? So if someone gets hurt on your boat or because of your boat they will have to sue mommy and daddy. They could loose their house. If they don't have insurance. Your needed to have this boat against their wishes and were encourahed by some on here to do that dispite how they felt and your inability to have the money to pay for even the simplest of safety gear point to absolute immature decisions.

I have followed you exploits for a while. I have to call it as I see it sorry no matter how unpopular that makes what I say appear. From your first posts to yelling out a fisherman thinking you had the right away to this escapade. To this latest reckless situation where you are putting others in danger needlessly, again through immaturity and lack of finances show that you need to learn responsibility.

Those on here who have teen agers and have raised children would not like if your kids got on the Internet and were encouraged by others to go against your wishes as a parent.

Those who find this clever or romantic about someone folllowing their dream, why don't you moor beside this child and let his boat smack yours.

Are we judging others with speculation? Do we know for a fact that "mommy & daddy" could lose their house? Is this not a personal attack? Calling him a "child" & using terms like "mommy & daddy" are certainly derisive words to choose when talking to a teenager. This post smells of derogatory personal comments and again included comments about ones lack of maturity. Where I come from calling someone "immature" is considered a personal attack and derogatory.

Do we know for a fact that Smallboatlover is any more or less mature than say Robin Lee Graham who sailed around the world on a shoe string budget, with no insurance, and then wrote the book Dove..?. Do we have all the facts to make those statements?

Please don't take this as an attack on you I just see a little hypocrisy in all this, in a pot/kettle sort of way.. If we are to be above the fray, and preach that, then we should strive for that ourselves, no??

-Maine Sail / CS-36T

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