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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by casey1999 View Post

Originally Posted by Minnewaska
Southwest was clearly the one he was going for, based on the satellite tracking of the ship's position. I do believe that would be to get the wind behind him on that trip.

Which he actually said seems unclear.
I was thinking about that interview with the Capt before departure. In the interview the Capt made a circle with his thumbs and forefinger stating he wanted to take the ship into the position of his right thumb (SE part of Sandy), article said no crew questioned him. Interesting he was telling the crew he was going to take the ship into head winds and seas (while trying to go south) and no one said "hey Capt, don't you mean your left thumb" (SW part of sandy), where apparently he actually went with stern winds and waves not off the bow.

Seems no one questioned the Capt.- ever.
It's a mistake to consider that interview to be "prior to departure", or having anything to do with "chasing" Sandy. It was conducted back in August, after all...

Nevertheless, his comments about the "SE quadrant" make no sense to me, in a general discussion of hurricanes... In many storms which took pronounced easterly tracks at some point - such as Lenny, or Wilma - the SE quadrant would have been one of the worst places to be... "Chasing" the SE side of a storm in order to "get a good ride" might make some conceivable/theoretical sense if sailing generally northbound, but when dealing with a storm like Sandy on a voyage south, makes no sense whatsoever...

I'm more and more inclined to believe now that the stories of the BOUNTY having previously sailed "through" 2 other hurricanes are BS, as well... In reference to the 70' seas, he mentions that once they had a hurricane "several hundred miles distant", that was sending them a very "gentle" 70' swell...

That would be utter nonsense, of course...
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