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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post

IMHO I suggest you take the same stance as the to Rule 62 as to the Bounty to be consistant and not blame it on paper charts vs electrontics. It was completely the Captains decision and fault per like you have though about the Bounty.
JFC, what the hell do I have to do to convince you I am in complete AGREEMENT on that? (grin)

Please, go back and read my posts in the RULE 62 thread, if you have any doubts...

My only point is that I believe it is highly likely that his overconfidence in the accuracy of electronic position fixing and charting CONTRIBUTED to his decision to enter that cut...

I see this all the time now in the Bahamas... The Explorer Charts are now considered to be so accurate, that many cruisers now feel increasingly EMBOLDENED do things like piloting The Devil's Backbone in poor light, or traveling after dark... 20 years ago, if he'd been relying on the sketch charts in The Yachtsman's Guide to the Bahamas - where the piloting directions for that cut might have read something akin to "when the small casuarina on the north end of Lynyard cay forms a range with the red-roofed shack on...", there is no freakin' way he would have considered that passage at night, during a rage...

(But, hell - back in the days pre-GPS, he wouldn't have been doing the 1500 to begin with... For that matter, without GPS, would there even BE a Caribbean 1500 Cattle Drive today? (grin))

The skipper is absolutely, completely responsible for an egregiously poor decision of seamanship, for which he will have to bear the tragic consequences for the rest of his life...

I'm simply saying that such a decision was not made in a vacuum, and that perhaps something like having once seen his computer navigation software having placed his boat IN HIS PRECISE SLIP in his marina on Google Earth likely led him to believe such a cut was navigable in those conditions...

All he had to do was keep the little boat icon on the dotted line...

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