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Is that a SailNet member in the anchorage? How would you know?

I think we have a really good community here, and once in a while I hear of a member or two getting together in person, or a SailNet gathering like Chef2Sail or Jrd22 has arranged in the past. Mostly though, we meet on the internet and not in person it seems. Odds are, we compete in the same races, share anchorages, and sail past each other more often than we realize and never know it.

What if the boat sharing the anchorage (encroaching on my swinging room no less!!) is a SailNetter as well? Unless it is one of the handful of SailNetter's who's boat names I know, I would never know it was one of us.

I have an idea. I think we SailNet enthusiasts should have some kind of identifying marker that signals who we are. How about a SailNet burgee? I am not organized or inclined to invite local members out every time I go sailing, but on the other hand if I pulled up to an Island in the San Juans and saw a SailNet burgee it might be fun to row up and say "Hey, I'm MedSailor on SailNet, who are you?" Or maybe "I'm MedSailor on SailNet, got any extra rum?"

What do you think? Sticker? Burgee? Some identifying mark with cryptic symbols that nobody else can recognize? Perhaps we could have a secret handshake too, or a secret wave that we save for passing Welshmen....

Well? What do you think? Anyone care to have a go at the burgee design?

"True, your boat will outperform mine to windward, but my boat will always outperform yours at anchor." --MedSailor
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