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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

I posted earlier that there are a ton of dip sh!ts running boat's out there all the way up to unlimited tonnage. The fact is, a good seaworthy boat can carry a sailor to the caribbean from Fla. with a fairly small amount of experience and a lot of common sense. I'm an advocate of smart people with the right attitude seeking adventure on the sea with the right hull and equipment, forthought and weather outlook. I get mad at this "I like running in a Huricane, I sail faster" attitude. If that is the mind set, one should do it alone and not with a ship full of trusting soul's. It's frustrating even in the commercial world where you need all these endorsements to get the job when you know you have the chop's. There are job's I want but I need 1080 day's running as 200 mate before I qualify for my 500 ton even though I know I'm ready now. And there are dudes who are doing the job that have the time but not the chop's. I tell people out there all the time to get the skill's before they bring the people. I poked the Bounty with my nuckle 10 years ago when they where anchored in Key West, I was giving the crew rides to shore in my Harbour launch, it was soft and they were in a hurry to cover rot with house paint. The crew said they would'nt want to actually go to sea in the boat but they liked the training and nostalgia of the experience. I don't care what the Captains tonage was, he a had false confidence in his and the ships ability, un like that dude who got the bad rap for his seamanship in the perfect storm, was it a Tahiti Ketch? that rolled and despite his protest the coast guard insisted on rescue and one coastie died trying, only with the boat to found un harmed a few day's later. More ar less what happened, anyway's I know for sure the Lisence isn't a 100% of what one should used to evaluate a persons qualification, just look at the kid's these acadamy's pop out, and as soon as they get out there they realize it takes a lot more than good testing skill's to make it, the culture is harsh as well as the enviroment. I stand by my advice to those gifted with the common sense and desire to sail off in a seaworthy vessel, in the right conditions. I also want people to understand these Credentials in the bigger tonnage boats's are'nt handed out overnight in a safe boater class with a cartoon bobber as a mascot on the text pamplet cover. I say again that it is astounding that dude's meet the criteria and still come out stupid on the other side as well. But they do.

" Some are boat wise and some are other wise"

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