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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by Sal Paradise View Post
"Capt. Robin Walbridge stood on the deck of the 180-foot wooden sailing ship Bounty on the sunny afternoon of Oct. 25. The wind was so mild that the ship had motored back to harbor after a short sail. The Bounty was tied to a city pier in New London, Conn.

Walbridge told a small group that the Bounty would be leaving for St. Petersburg, Fla., that night instead of the next morning. He wanted to get a jump on a massive weather system coming from the south that forecasters were calling “historic” and that one already had dubbed “Frankenstorm.”

Walbridge formed a circle with his thumbs and index fingers, and told listeners to look at his right thumb. It represented the southeastern section of the hurricane.
“He said he wanted to get to the southeast quadrant and ride the storm out,” said New London Dockmaster Barbara Neff. No one raised objections."

Comment - not a lot of @#!*% time for a crew member to decide to leave the ship, a couple hours at most - and with a sense of loyalty towards each other, the storm still days away and the belief that the Captain would know what to do. Well, I can see how they decided to go, with such little time to consider the danger, they stuck together and went.
That's understanable. If only they had put the solidarity of the ship above the solidarity of the crew. Mates are on boat's to be a sounding board for the captain. A good mate say's, "hey wait a minuet Cap. That sounds risky" or "did you take this in to consideration." I just hope future schooner crew's Remember the mistakes and complacancy of the Pride of Baltiomore and now the Bounty, and stand up to their captain's ego and lust for "sailing Fast" like the weeeeeee of a kid on carnival ride or the ignorance and greed of the home office deciders on the Phantom. There is no doubt in my mind, if I were the mate on the Bounty, And I have the credentails, I'd stopped that guy from trying to out run that storm, I've done it in the past in Hugo ( and we did sink at the dock in P.R.) but not at sea. I was perparing to engage in sabbotage in order to keep the boat in harbour if my pleas's had not been headed. Hopefully the schooner community has learned this time, because there still seems to be a few nuckle heads running some of them out there.

" Some are boat wise and some are other wise"

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