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Re: BoatUS: 65,000 boats damaged by Sandy

Originally Posted by JimMcGee View Post
Those're some amazing numbers.

I've also been wondering where all that gear will end up, hopefully not in landfills. But the only used gear shop I know of in the Northeast is Bacon's in Annapolis.

Zoom over to the "Good Old Boat" web site and you can find a listing of salvage and consignment shops, many in the northeast. There is a treasure trove of gear aboard those boats that the insurance company's don't want to bother with. I had a 1950's era Thunderbird 26 when I was a kid that finally gave up the ghost due to rot under the cockpit that was endemic. I couldn't give that boat away and finally had to wreck it out (a horrible job, physically and emotionally--I still have a chunk of her sitting on our mantle and her oil lamps are on our current boat). Long and short. What I got for her spars, sails, winches, keel (cast iron with a 500# lead shoe), rudder, et al, far exceeded her value even had she been in reasonable shape.

I feel terrible for the guys/gals that lost their boats. Hopefully they will be able to recover something and go on or rebuild and go on. For the lost causes, however, they may find that "parting out" a yacht through a consignment shop offers them a better deal.

Not routinely dealing with hurricanes, I don't think many up north really understood or appreciated the risks, or knew how to prepare. Unfortunately, the northeast has gone through a very benign period that now seems to be changing and folks will have to change with it. Or not.

N'any case, when I saw the article I couldn't believe the carnage. All you folks up north have my sympathies and best wishes.

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