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Re: StartLine Sailing Racing Android App

Originally Posted by allene222 View Post
With StartLine you don't need to do the tack ratio thing. You have a timer that tells you how long it will take you to get back to the line. No matter where you start from, what traffic you get caught up in, what direction you are going, you can tell when to turn and head back to the line. For example, if you know it takes you 20 seconds to turn your boat and accelerate, just head away from the line until the "time to burn" readout reads 20 seconds, tack, and go for it.

This is the beauty of using the target boat speed rather than actual boat speed and direction that most apps use. If you use actual boat speed and direction and are heading away from the line, these other apps will tell you that it will take forever to get to the line as you can't get there on the course you are on. With StartLine, you enter your target boat speed either manually or automatically and then all times are based on the speed you will be traveling when you head back to the line.

I have tried the tack back technique and other boats always mess it up. That was one of many things I tried before writing StartLine.

With all due respect Allen, I suspect you haven't raced much. One rarely sails at "target" boat speeds despite one's best efforts. The tacking ratio described above uses the conditions and speeds on the water in the event.
N'any case, it was merely a suggestion.
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