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Re: Voltage tester idea

Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
Seems like a lot of chipmakers have been coming up with all sorts of interesting "twelve volt" management devices in the last year or two. Multiple regulators, convertors, I've got to be thinking the "solar" industry is driving some of this.
What did you use as a power source? Linear the type or brand?

12V is also used in the automotive world which is becoming more and more computerized. So there are tons of neat and robust 12V power management chips out there because of the automotive overlap. I've tried to think of ways to incorporate them into the boat.

In particular there are fantastic solid state switches with internal over-temperature and over-current limits. I've incorporated these into a couple designs and personally short circuit tested them (hold the + wire and - wire and then quickly mash them together) and scope traced the results. They work. Basically reset-able fuses that, in theory, can't be burnt out under any circumstances.

I considered using these when I re-did my panel. I could have had the switch on the panel only switching control current with the actual switch/fuse solid state device behind the scenes. However at the end of the day it's hard to beat the simplicity of actual switches and fuses.

Also there is an opportunity to build a cross between the bluesea relay and the echo charger for about $10 component cost. A comparator and a solid state 20-30A switch. It would limit current to 20-30A meaning you could get away with smaller wires but would lack the charging smarts of the echo charger.

Anyway, another overly long engineering rant. You can tell I've been thinking (dreaming) of ways to make money doing marine electrical design.

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