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Re: What's it really like out there?

Originally Posted by MarkofSeaLife View Post
There's nothing out there. Not more than 500 nms from the coast.
Bugger all.
Kon Tiki must have meant closer to the islands.

There were whales and stuff in the North Indian Ocean, but the Pacific was dead for weeks between Galapagos and Marquesas.
I've seen a few whales mid Atlantic on one trip, none on another.

Remember the middle of the oceans are deep, thousands of meters deep. In the tropics there's not much nutrient to feed fish, therefore larger species don't prey there. Certainly wouldn't be white pointer sharks their area is far south of the tropics. They must mean the oceanic white. If someone had speared it that means it was close to an island.

On a positive note, there's none of the trash that you read about either! The far ocean waters are quite pristine, just not much nutrient.

By the way, on the pacific run, you can go a week without seeing a ship.... For weeks and weeks one ship per week! Don't break your leg cos their ain't no one out there to rescue you!

Ps I just check my website and we never took a photo mid ocean..... Because there's nothing to take a photo of!
Hey Mark - it's good to see you around, dude. How have you been?

I'll take a look at your blog. You still in NY?

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