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Re: DIAMONDS, your diamond, may not be forever

Originally Posted by skygazer View Post
Today my wife lost the diamond out of her ring. She is UPSET! Ladies, check your ring, here is how. A simple eyeball check is way better than nothing, any sort of magnifier check is much better. Each prong should have a hook on the end hooking around the edge of the diamond. The hooks should be down tight! Any space at the end can let a thread snag and loosen the hook. The hooks can be raised on the end (bad), cut by the diamond so they are loose, or just plain worn short or gone from bumping into things.

It's a good idea to have a jeweler check your ring every once in a while, most will do it for free.

Sure you can buy another diamond, but it will not be "the" diamond.
That is unfortunate but I have to ask, why would one wear any jewelry aboard the boat anyway. I know of two cases where folks got their rings hung up in sheets and fingers pulled into turning blocks/winches and it is a horrible way to loose a finger which is horrible in any event. I also know one fellow that insisted on wearing a gold chain with a little gold anchor on it despite several comments that it was dangerous and foolish. He was quite proud if it and persisted, however, until one day when he was checking something on his motor and the damned thing slipped out of his T-shirt and got hooked in his alternator belt. He was jerked down so fast he didn't have time to react and the left side of his face got shredded by the cooling vanes on his alternator before the chain broke and freed him. Do Not Wear Jewelry Aboard the Boat. Keep it in a purse or pocket and put it on once ashore if you must wear the stuff at all.


PS: When we acquired our second boat, in the early 70's, I found a diamond ear-ring stuck in the strum box in the filthy oily wet bilge the PO kindly left us. After a little rooting around in the muck, I found it's mate. About 1/2 carat each. I considered them a consolation prize and my wife still wears them.

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