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Re: rammed:by the customs & border patrol

JonB, there used to be some serious and longstanding inviolate separations between 'administrative agency" "police" and "military" in the US. I say used to be, because after the nonsense of 9/11, the so-called Patriot Act, the creation of DHS...what we've got now is a true disgrace that some ofus would call outright treasonous because of the way it tramples our laws.

As Rich said, the USCG used to be a unique "dual purpose" organization. They were an administrative agency in time of peace, and only after a formal Congressional Declaration of War could they be transferred to the USN to become a fifth military agency.

Among other things, this allowed the USCG to perform domestic duties (as in after Katrina) when the US military forces were arguably banned from doing so, by law. Thta law was quietly (one might say furtively and secretly) modified in 2007 to the extent of being practically repealed. So once again...Aw, you don't really want to know what a *ing quagmire our leaders have made of things down here.

Short version of it? "US zero, Al-Queda Won."

Ain't the US of A anymore.
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