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Re: Adler Barbour Cold Machine troubleshooting

Just some points to remember when servicing AB coldmachines/supercoldmachines. The refrigeration oil used in an R-12 system is NOT compatible with that used in a R-134A system, if changing refrigerants, change the oil as well. The AB toll-free tech service people can tell you exactly how many ounces of refrigant each different system needs. My supercoldmachine with VD-160 holdover plate freezer uses exactly 3.52 oz. Having more or less will cause the compressor to draw more amps and lengthen chilling time. My system draws 6.5 amps running, but 15 amps starting-it's VERY sensitive to use of 12 gage or heavier wiring. The comprressor shuts down when the plate is at -5 deg. F. The correct way to charge the system is to evacuate all the refrigerant, then use a vacuum pump to get the whole system down to -29lbs and be sure it holds the vacuum with all service hoses shut off for at least 8 hours-if the low pressure gage rises, you have an air leak. Charge the system initially by placing the R-134 can + tap on an ounce-reading scale. Write down the initial weight. Open the can tap and the low pressure valve on the gage set until the can and refer pressures have equalized, and write down the ounce reading. Then turn on the compressor to suck in as many more ounces the system calls for-immediately shut off the can tap and low pressure valve. Different configurations run with different pressures. Mine peaks out at 155 lbs on the high side and 9 lbs on the low side with the plate reading -5 deg. F.
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