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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Usually when people quote they do not copy the others moniker or avatar. It confusing and makes it look like I just posted this when it in fact was weeks ago. No one else on here does this ...any special reason?

Is your purpose on here to to help others or do you have a hidden agenda directed at me? You can try and point the finger back at me but before you do I suggest you look at your tone and posts specifically directed at me. I put you on ignore, but found out you were continuing to respond to my posts in a negative and inflamatory manner when they got forwarded to me by my friends on here though PM,s.

I apologize to others if I seem argumentative or seem distracted from my normal posts and I will try and do better. Sorry to waste your time with this nonsense. Lies cannot go unanswered lest they become perceived as the truth.

Dave, has I said before I did not attack you or anybody I am here to enjoy and learn and certainly I have nothing against you or anybody else. It was you that accused me of wrongdoing and for several times, saying that my tone was hysterical and accusing me of misquoting constantly without referring to what you are talking about. On the last post you are accusing me to lie, or to post lies and as usually you don't say to what you are referring to. Of course that should be unacceptable, but who cares? I never attacked you personally and if so, please post what you consider a personal attack.

I have diverged from your opinion as well as others and my tone was never rude but I don't fell that anybody has the right to tell the others when they should stop posting or stop expressing his opinion.

Regarding re-posting your post where you misquote me, that way is the only way to re-post it comprehensibly because as that post has quotes, they would not have appeared if I simply used the quote system and would make it incomprehensible. Regarding people thinking that it is a new post, it is inside my post, I say in what contest I am referring to it and at the end I send regard to you and post my name, so it is clear it is inside my post. Besides that it is clear on the re-post that is the post nš 413 and we are now well over post 700 and that will tell people were the post was made and where to look for it, if they want to check it out.



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