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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Ship builder's should build the strongest and well built ships they can. If they are building a replica of a 19th century wooden tall ship, the should'nt just go for the look but the integrity which which those ships were built. Look at the house's that ship's carpenters built in Key West, they are are still there, I rent a little studio in a house that was built circa 1860 by ship's carpenters. And the ships should be decommisioned when the beam's are rotten and the plank's are old and butter. The Bounty was OLD. my Grandpa was a hell of a football player when he was 20, He wasn't playing in the big leagues at 40, or 50, or 60.....The tug I'm working on this hitch was built in 1960 and it's about to be taken out of service. And yes, there need's to be a governing body that say's no, that old boat has no buisness going to sea with volenteers, payed crew or students. One problem is our Coast Guard is comprised of a bunch of pencil pushing Land Lubbe'rs. Any one that has the sea coursing through there veins would never join the coast Gaurd. My neighborhood pub is a block from the gate of the Key West Coast Guard Station. Ask any of the Coasties sitting in there where they are from. 9 times out of 10 they are from a land locked state. We are pushing for a Merchant Marine Body to Govern the Merchant Marine's because the coast Guard Has there prority's all out of whack. As for meesing with Huricanes, It's just stupid. Somebody Hired the Bounty Captain, I'm betting someone with little or no experience at sea, there fore he could convince them he was capable of making wize decsisions, didn't his wife say's he had been in lot's of huricanes?

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