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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by JulieMor View Post
I agree that there should be minimal requirements for certain positions on a ship, such as the captain of a passenger vessel. But time alone doesn't make a wise, skilled professional. I had one guy on my crew who had 15 years in the electrical trade but had no mechanical aptitude. He was all thumbs. He had to be watched constantly or I'd have a mess on my hands to clean up. BTW, he was also one of the most critical of non-professionals.

In my post, I was replying to the comments on the pro forum calling recreational boaters foolish. All we really know about them is they identify themselves as professionals. So placing a higher degree of importance to what they say over what anyone here says may be an erroneous assumption.

But yes, absolutely, learning in a system that promotes expertise, safety and professionalism is by far preferable to being self-taught.
Well, it's not time alone, it's time coupled with a mother of a test. That 1600 ton test makes peoples head spin. I've only done up to the 200 ton and I had smoke comming out of my ears, the room next to mine was guy's preping for the 1600 and they were sad and worried at lunch break. Any body remember the U.S Air Craft Carrier arguing with the Canadian Light house that he had the right of way and should move, and light house keeper telling him he could stand on if he wished but moving the light house would be next to impossable. I know some unlimited dudes that are morons. Even the simplist of large tonnage Captains has an advantage over the hobby sailor in regaurds to descisions made at sea, if not through inherant intellagence, than through absorbtion of being out there day and night for months at a time, under the scrutiny of proticals enforced by the employer and commercial shipping regulations.

" Some are boat wise and some are other wise"
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