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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
I didnt pull the word synchophant out of thin air. Wether it was originally posted on gCaptain or quoted by a poster on here to make their point it is the same as posting it IMHO. Whoever posts it agrees with it or they wouldnt quote it. Please stop nitpicking my posts over words, like who said sychophant or the REAL meaning in the kinds english of the word bash ( BTW a poster on gCaptian also used the same word), It detracts from the intention of the post and the constant nitpicking really is irrelevant.

Now back to our regular scheduled message


So true, I can think of many instances like this. It was stated well here that just passing a CG multiple choice test by itself doesnt qualify you for anything.

We have also seen experience doesnt mean it also. The wrong experience could lead to a false sense of security...and too much expeience could lead to complacency.

So what do we do...check out people before we board their ship for a quick sail in Baltimore harbor? I certainly would be more thorough checking out the Captain as a crew memeber on an ocean going passage like this vessel set out on. Would that research have shown his willingness to set sail into the path of a hurricane?

Here is the real question....I have a feeling I know what most of your answers are but I will ask......

Had you been a signed up member of the crew, with your present state of experience and knowledge....would you have stepped foot on the Bounty and left the dock with Captain Walbridge that evening? If not what would you have done?

I know exactly what I would of done, I would of told him he's a flipp'n moron and physically stopped him from leaving the dock. I've been faced with the same descision when I was a young crew on a ship right before Hugo hit P.R.. and the ship did sink, at the dock. Luckly the crew headed my protest and joined in my descision to not go, or I was going to disable the engine beyond a quick repair.

" Some are boat wise and some are other wise"
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