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Re: Need some advice - Bedding Teak Caprail

Originally Posted by Beersmith View Post
Greetings! My question is about how to apply the caulking itself to the rail. Below is a real crappy diagram of a section of the rail. The left is the blank rail, the black circles represent the screw holes. The middle section represents my first idea on how to apply the caulking, a bead along the edges and around the screw holes. The third is the alternative method, of applying caulking and spreading around the entire bottom surface of the rail.

Which of these is the correct method for sealing it up? I figure the last one is the most thorough, but it probably wastes a lot of caulk and I worry that it will ooze into places like the chainplate holes that I need wide open and unobstructed.

Use the method in the second image. Countersink the fastener holes so you get a small "O-ring" of sealant around each of them.

I don't understand your comment about the chainplates - If there is any place for the sealant to ooze into around them they weren't sealed correctly in the first place.

My second question is in regards to the screws themselves. They are sunk into holes that will be plugged up with bungs (see first photo). Is it wise to apply some caulking to the underside of the screws to seal up each hole? Or is that overkill...or a bad thing to do for whatever reason? My other crappy diagram below, the first is bare without caulking on the screw itself, the second shows my idea of the caulking under the screw head.

Put some caulking under the fastener head. Use pan head, NOT flat head fasteners. Again, countersink the bottom of the hole to get that "O-ring" effect. Also, countersink UP from the underside of the hole so where the teak and the deck mate you will have space top & bottom for the caulking to squeeze into.

Sealing the fastener holes is the critical part of this process - the beads around the perimeter of the rail are merely to keep gunk from building up between the toe rail and deck surface, not to help prevent leaks.

Be sure to mask everything well before you start the install - the first time I did it I didn't mask and it made for a huge cleanup job.

Finally, don't forget to use "X" to seal all this.

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