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Re: Shower Pan

Originally Posted by Faster View Post
I think I'd steer away from tile too, myself.. some minimal fairing and a good nonskid should do the job, but don't make it too harsh since, as a shower obviously people will be barefoot on it.

By the sounds of it the curvature may preclude the removable grid....
I made a teak shower base on the curved floor in the head of our Cal 2-29 by laying down 1"x2" teak stringers fore'n aft about 6" apart and screwing these into the glass pan beneath. I then made side to side cross pieces by laminating 1/8" x 1" wide teak batten strips across the stringers, spaced roughly 1" apart (and obviously not on top of the screws holding the stringers in place on the underlying pan). The first of the cross pieces were held in place with epoxy adhesive where they crossed each of the stringers together with small (#6) flat head wood screws through the battens and into the underlying stringers. Once the epoxy cured and the first of the cross pieces were fixed in place, I laid second, then third, then forth, etc, battens on top of the previously placed battens--each held in place with epoxy and small screws until the epoxy cured, after which the screws were removed--until I had cross pieces 5/8" thick. The screws in the last of the cross pieces were pulled and the screw holes drilled to accept 1/4" plugs. Because of the curvature of each successive batten, and the epoxy adhesive between each, one could unscrew the screws holding the stringers in place without the "grate" springing flat. A little work with an Exacto knife and a "Mouse" palm sander cleaned and smoothed the battens and a couple of coats of "Amazon Brazilian Lemon Oil" that polishes up nicely, smells good, and blocks mold finished the job. That was long about 1987 and the home made grating is still going strong.


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