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Re: rammed:by the customs & border patrol

Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
(snip)And in the 1970's some automotive search cases were held to be illegal in the US on the same grounds, then a few years later the USSC reversed itself when the states came up with the clever idea that your license was only issued IF you consented to waive your rights. Which you legally can't be asked or required to do, either.
Hellosailor, could you cite that decision for us? AKAIK, police still cannot search vehicles without permission unless the have a warrant. There are exceptions, driving into some designated locations that are posted "Vehicles subject to search", just as persons entering courtrooms, some other governemnt building and airports are).

The only implied consent law regarding vehicles that I know of is to submit to testing for operating under the influence (DUI).

(not really a thread hijack - germaine to the thread topic)
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