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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Something is still missing.

As I said in my earlier post, since I am Captain Obvious, the Bounty crew were not conscripts. Why did all of them decide to go on what so many have labeled as an obvious suicide voyage? Not one of them could be compelled to sail against their will.

Even in the U.S. Navy, nobody is going to tackle you if you decide to walk off the brow even as the lines are being singled up. Oh, your ass is grass alright... but nobody's going to tie you up and force you to get underway. Better to have discipline problems OFF the ship than to bring them along for the ride. Follow the captain's orders on the ship or follow the guard's orders in the brig. But either way, you still have a choice.

So, why were 16 people complicit in such stupidity, if that is the argument that is being made- namely that the decision to sail would be obviously stupid, even to the most disinterested observer?

I say that 16 people would not be so stupid. Nor would they all be coerced by imaginary orders from a commercial captain of a display ship. The captain is the captain at sea-we live and die by following his orders, but on the hard he's one more boss at a job that you can quit. There's the door. This is still America.

Although a great number of smart people have posted wonderfully insightful opinions on this thread, it is all total conjecture at this point. There are 16 people who have to answer the question, because only they know the truth- and dare say not all 16 will agree when all is said and done.
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