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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by MarkofSeaLife View Post
Come on, Aaron! Don't get pathetic about it.
That's like saying Neanderthals were better than us because they could make arrows and capture game.

Electronics have made boating vastly safer for all. They have allowed many people to go sailing vastly more safely than previously.

Just go read a book like Gentelmen never sail to weather and you will see how many times these idiots nearly died.

Just go around a marina or cruising area and have a talk to people. Vastly more intelligent than the critics suggest. Also far more accomplished in cruising, navigation, rules of the road, understanding and respecting other cultures as well as the sea fish and wildlife.

Because paper and sextants have been shoved up the @#!*% of the garbage can people can now relax and enjoy the important parts of boating.

And if people think its gone to @#!*% , then look at the statistics of cruiser type fatalities. Since GPS and Ecn they are a fraction of what hey were in the 1970s, let alone including the increased number of people doing it.

The modern advent of boat systems have opened the oceans to all. And that makes a lot of old timers very angry because they have lost their uniqueness.

Mark <----- who circumnavigated and says ANYONE can do it!!! And everyone who wants to should
First of all, from what I understand, you have completed a circumnavigation and are on your way to to the Med. So...hat's off to you my man, And every thing you said is true. How ever, I was raised on traditional seamaship, I've been eating it for breakfast since I was a kid, I suckled it from my mothers breast, I sail a little sloop alone with no engine and a compass across oceans and I've been doing that for 20 years. I also use the newest gadgets on delivery's of new Yachts. The Radar I opperate on the tug is sick, I can see kayakers on it. The AIS, the 30" chart plotter etc. I like to be versatile in my skill's and types of boat's I can run, and I think a solid foundation in some of the old tried and true art's free's me from the bond's of technology. Factories full of people and computer engineers have'nt made it possible for me to cross an ocean, I don't need any of that crap, I just think it's neat not necasarry. I used to think it was pathetic to go to sea with out a certain skill set, I used to look at your computers as training wheel's, but I get it now. I see guy's like you sailing around the world and I'm happy you guy's are out there doing it, it's inspirational.

" Some are boat wise and some are other wise"

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