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Re: rammed:by the customs & border patrol

I don't see any mention in the 4th amendment about boats.
My home is my home it is unreasonable without a signed warrant.

Boats have been a major vehicle of smuggling for centuries
Other than the long historical perspective, so have planes, cars, backpacks/purses and pockets. So what is your point????

inbound container ships Yes hassle a six knot vessel but not a 20+knot cargo ship that their load is only what ??? at what fraction of a percent is actually inspected? Brokers cleared my last shipment.......guess what was NOT inspected?

Otherwise, they have no idea who you are and what you're up to out there.
It is my right not to tell them what I am doing or where I am going. It is not their business. I do not talk to cops other than the basic hi and by. Not rude, just to the point and brief. That is another "right" you would love to give away.

if the people aboard are even sane: A license, credential or TSA background check card is not assurance of sanity or safety.

I'm sure the flames I'm going to get will demonstrate. Yes, you are in such danger you are willing to live in a police state that cannot possibly protect you. To the point of facilitating the repression of people who have no interest in acts of terrorism. Flames not really, just amusing to see an intelligent being pretending that the house that is burning is a sound structure.

I'm as Libertarian as anyone You are not even on the same planet as a libertarian.

Sailing a boat is not a terrorist act.
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