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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by Hartley18 View Post
I, for one, wish there were more people out there like that.
I don't know If I agree. Well, the guy did not ask for help and I applaud that, but he was crossing an Ocean with a boat that was not made for it and obviously taking risks and did not have means foe long distance communications. He did not call for help but someone of his relations obviously asked because the guy was not communicating, so in fact this is one of the cases where the non sailors would say (with reason): There they are doing stupid things and wasting huge amounts of our money to save them or to know that they are not in danger.

These are the ones that make the news, like that 69 year's old grand mother that is circumnavigating non-stop, that guy that is going to do the same on a 10ft boat or the other one that is doing that in a sportive way trying to be the faster amateur doing that on a A35. The A35 is a great boat that has crossed oceans many times but ask to a real pro, the ones that race the Open60, to go sail with one on the great southern sea desert at 50 latitude and they will no do it because it is too risky. These are just the more know because they get sponsors and publicity but for each of one I am sure that there are dozens doing stupid and dangerous things in a boat.

You can say: It's their live and all the non sailors would say: It's our money that is used to rescue them.

Sooner or latter the increasing number of these cases will have dire consequences to all prudent sailors that don't do risky things but, as in all things in life, can have a need for help.

You guys consider Europe as a bunch of nanny states and not agreeing in the essential I understand the point. We take care of ours and here nobody dies if someone needs medical attention and has no money.

I understand that someone can disagree with that namely in the case of a guy that has wealth problems because all his life he had taken risks that lead to the need of that medical treatment but what I don't understand is why the same kind of reason is not applied to sailors: Why should prudent citizens pay for expensive rescues to guys that are stupidly risking their lives in inadequate boats and without the knowledge to do what they are doing. It is their fault anyway. Why should all pay for their stupidity?



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