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Originally Posted by tdw View Post
Bit of both ? Hey is that guy really short or is there really that much headroom under the overhead/dodger setup ?


You know, I've long thought that when the time comes to downsize back into a day sailor then I might just end up in a FolkBoat.

No these boats can teach a thing or two in what regards sea protection to VOR boats. Let's hope that the new VOR, that will be the same to everybody, will take that in consideration because I think it was only by chance that we didn't have any serious accident this year: A massive wave entering directly by the bow at 30k and sweeping all the deck is a very dangerous thing for the guys that get it directly in their chests

Yes, that overhead has almost standing weight. Some boats have even bulbs to achieve standing weight and this one even permits to lock forward without being hit violently by a cold shower.


Regarding traditional boats I understand very well what you mean. As you know, for having the privilege to sail my boat in unknown nice places In the summer months I leave it abroad and I miss sailing in the winter. I guess that for the winter I would not mind to have a well protected nice and cozy boat not necessarily fast (I would only be sailing locally) and curiously I would not mind to have the boat I wanted to have when 30 years ago I sailed my traditional boat. Yes it is a boat that it is made with some minor alterations for a long time and based on famous and seaworthy traditional boats, these ones:

I know very well how much work and money cost the maintenance of one of these babies and I am grateful that there are guys that keep them in shape (I have done my share). These are lovely boars to be held by a community of several sailors or a club, not a boat to be owned by a solo sailor.

But then there is the one I was talking about, the Crabber, an heavy fiberglass boat that does not look like a plastic boat and has a lovely interior. It was with this one I dreamed about. It has an inconvenient, it was and it is expensive for the size



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