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Re: Battery Sizing - am I crazy?

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Not necessarily so. My 4 Lifeline AGM 6 volts are the same height as most standard group 31. They deliver almost ah per volume than 1 group 31. I beleive the reason they weigh more is a heavier lead plate. The 4-6 volt batteries + 2 inches in length fit into the exact same space as the 2 group 31 I used to have.

Heres what you need to compare to compare apples to apples 2 - 6 volt GC vs 2 Group 31. Both will have approx the same ah. The two group 31s will take up substabtially more volume than the two golf carts. The weight difference is minimal ( 2X59.9 or 2X66)

GC10 = 794 square inches = 1.62 Wh per square inch
G31 = 833 square inches = 1.511 Wh per square inch

Ok so that's a 7% advantage for the GC battery in this case in terms of energy per volume. I'll agree that's not nothing. Although I know I've run these numbers in the past, for a different pair of batteries and seen the 12V's come out ahead like it does on weight in this case. I'll try to find that.
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