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Re: Riddles with a Prize, by Mantus Anchors

Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
If I recall my phsyics you are requiring or ignoring any number of unbounded assumptions about the nature of the spring itself. So with your unspoken indication that unbounded assumptions are the key to the answer, I can firmly state that no amount of force will ever be sufficient to make the box pop up into the air, as both the box and Jack are hovering in a zero-gravity LaGrange point in earth-lunar orbit. Without an operational gravity field being specified, any force "down" on the spring will simply repel the entire box, Jack and all, away from the pusher, out of the LaGrange point, and eventually to a violent death as it falls into a gravity well and plunges into the surface below, or bursts into flames en route.

I like this answer... but If the Box is made by Mantus it will land safely and survive re-entry...
No there is a solution to this problem... that can be expressed in M and m
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