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Re: rammed:by the customs & border patrol

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
Do I really need to go find a citing that the USCG finds contraband? That's just stubborn.

I have a good friend whose daughter is currently applying to the Coast Guard academy. I'm sure, in her career, she will be asked to do boardings. I am also absolutely certain that this lovely young lady, who is a great student and loves the water, has no intent to be the bully she will be characterized as by the stubborn. She will have to do her job.

Also, before one throws a stone at the bravery of someone who enters a room, without knowing what or who is waiting for them, I would like to know they've had the ball$ to try it. Armed or not.

Consider this. Over your entire career, there is going to be just one single day that you are going to walk into your cozy office and there is going to be someone in there with a gun that knows he needs to get past you to stay out of jail. Just one day and you don't know which it will be. You keeping the job? You can take a gun with you, if you think it changes anything.
The poor girl, My heart goes out to her. Just out of curiosity, where did she grow up and what do you think prompted her interest in the Coast Guard? I've been doing a personal survey/ research. I alway's ask Coasties where they are from and why they joined. They alway's join with the best of intensions and usually they end up disapointed with how it actually is.
I'd like to know how many coast gaurdsman have died at the hands of an agressor in the situation of a boarding. I'm betting close to none. They do fall in the line of Rescue which is the highest form of selfless sacrifice and should be honored to the highest degree. The boarding crew's are a different troup than the Rescue. The rescue crew's are like the elite or special force. We've all seen the swimmer movie with Kevin and Ashton. We need a Coast Guard, no doubt, and their boarding procedures, once you've gone through them, are mild. They don't bully or intimidate. When off shore it's almost commical the green faced, wide eyed kid's they send over in the orange dinghy, It is usually me showing them some compassion because they usually want to be there even less than I want them. They're just doing what they are told. In some cases I know more about what's going on than they do, it's seem's like most boardings I've been through are some sort of training excersize.

" Some are boat wise and some are other wise"

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