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Re: picking up a vacant mooring

I own several private moorings in a highly trafficked area. Personally, I don't like it when people pick my moorings up. The reason is that the extra wear and tear is quite extreme. I have three moorings but only use one at a time depending on tides, weather, etc. They are spaced and set accordingly to use in various situations.

This is leased property (I don't own it) and it covers a 70 foot radius around the mooring ball. While my chain is big enough to hold the queen mary, I have often found very large vessels on the mooring, sometimes they have not picked it up right and the mooring twists around the vessel or rides up under the vessel, for example. This can rip the buoy itself but the bigger problem is the chafe on the pennant. Often, a user will not set it correctly and when I go to use it, it's destroyed. I go through a lot of pennants each year. Sometimes people try just motoring off without letting the pennant go. Sometimes people run over it while leaving. Some steal them! Some get pissed that it's not public and actually try to sink it. The list goes on and on.

With three moorings, four, five, sometimes 8 a year per mooring... this adds up.

I have certain responsibilities to the government as an lease. For example, I must make sure the mooring is marked and maintained accordingly. I must make people aware that the mooring is private by marking it as such. This is problematic because I need to repaint it several times a year.

Overall, between the lease cost, the maintenance costs, what I have to pay a diver for inspection, the time I spend painting it, shopping for parts, whatever... I guess $1200 per year per ball.

Besides - just because you are not parked in your driveway doesn't mean that anyone can pull in and park there.

So - no, I don't like it when people use my balls
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