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The bt is Not in irons with sail lufting around! There goes your sail if so. The grtst skill in sailing is to balance your sails. Mastering this can enable the bt to sail itself without an auto pilot and even without a rudder! taking from this is how you will heave to. Diff bts heave to differently. A sloop has its mast further forwrd than a ketch so the point of balance is different. your heave to sail plan/ method has to be based on your point of balance. The sails are full but the forces of sail and rudder are oppisite each other so the bt cannot rnd up and take off. I dnt think these other guys really know what there talking about as balancing your sails is somewhat of a lost art. One guy even claimed a sea anchor is deployed off the stern!!! Everybodys a pro and sailors egos tend to lead to a pissing contest. So dnt even listen to me. I emplore you to go to a proven source. LOOK up lin and larry pardey and order there books or dvds! They have been sailing the world for 30+ yrs and dont even hv a mtr! New age sailors rely on technology and cldnt sail themselves out of a lake if they lost there electronics! Im sure i offended some ppl here . Sorry but its the truth. Some bts like a sloop you only nd a mainsail up because the point of balance is further frwrd. Others you may need some cloth up front.whats applicable to one bt may be inapplicable to another. What ive shared is the real deal and im done. Take it or leave it

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