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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by TakeFive View Post
... For some unexplained reason, you claim that recreational accidents in deep waters have not benefited from many of the same technological advances that have helped the commercial vessels and inland vessels. Placed in the inept hands of those silly recreational boaters, GPSs, EPIRBs, etc. are lethal weapons that only serve to embolden these incompetents to take foolish risks.

I guess we might as well go rip the seat belts and air bags out of our cars too.
What I am saying is that an Epirb will make a lot more easy for you to be rescued, it will not give you any help in learning how to sail a boat in bad weather.

What I am saying is that a GPS and a plotter will make it very easy to go from point A to point B, if you get good weather. If you get a storm while under way it will be as difficult as before. On big Ocean crossings that take several weeks even today's technology will not make you able to skip totally bad weather.

What I am saying is that because it is a lot more easy to go to point a to point b, if you got good weather, there are today much more inexperienced sailors attempting to do that thinking that Plotter and GPS will make it easy.

Those sailors if they had no plotter or GPS would have found it very difficult to do that and would have to get some real experience before attempting that.

But when the inexperienced sailors gets bad weather under way (that would not be a problem from an experienced sailor) they will find suddenly that after all it was not so easy and that they realy don't know how to cope with it.

Well, not a big problem, they have an Epirb and someone will pick them and the insurance will pay for the boat. They just have to say that they were making water and sink the boat when they are picked up. It is all very easy and risk free... very easy

Note that I am not saying that more people are dying. The Epirb made a SAR much more easy and effective, I am saying the the number of rescues in deep water have increased in what regards pleasure boats.



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