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Re: can I afford to continue sailing

Wow... what a thread...

Topics: finances, relationships, child-raising, politics... a nice potpourri of some serious topics, and it's not just any one of them at issue here, but a strange blending of all of them.

There have been some great relationship tidbits and financial recommendations. I'll second any comment that says to reduce overall expenses (lots of families have $200/month cable/internet bills and another $200/month cell phone... plus huge heating/AC bills because they keep the house 5 degrees warmer/cooler than it needs to be for the season). Bottom line, there are a lot of ways to save money besides getting rid of stuff that you really really enjoy.

My main thought (as someone with three kids): you need to make memories with them. My kids LOVE the boat and I love the fact that they do! I can't wait till some day they can crew totally alone and I'll kick back and watch them. I'm already proud of them for that moment and it hasn't even happened yet. They'll have their entire lives to think back to the times with dad on the boat... the sun, the picnic lunches, the overnights, floating around the water in life jackets, fishing, grilling... Hell, I know I'll be thinking about it all till the day I die.

I remember when I was young our family fishing trips up to Ontario... It amazes me how often I think about those trips... one or two weeks out of the year can make more memories than all the other months combined.

Take pictures... lots and lots of pictures... put them on facebook... print them out, frame them, and hang them on the walls in your house. When your wife sees all the smiles and good times and hears the kids begging to go out again next weekend, for the sake of the family and kids, I hope she decides to be part of it.

If the kids want to spend time with their dad on the boat then I think that's something to bear in mind. The cost of boat ownership is hard to justify financially, but the time with the kids aboard and the memories you'll all have are priceless.

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