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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by MarkofSeaLife View Post

Would you consider the opinions of people like Don Street, or Steve Pavlidis, "unsubstantiated", as wel

I mentioned Steve Pavlidis ...

He simply wants no further part in contributing to what he considers to be a very dangerous, unseamanlike trend among some cruisers today...
I call their opinions a load of old fashioned hogwash.
It's fools like those that use the fear of their own skill falling by technology's wayside to try and instill fear in the up takers of technology.

However as much as they pontificate the less the new generation listens.

Is total twaddle to not look forward, but look back

Those people sound like the Astronomer Royal who stymied the progress of chronometers in the English navy for DECADES. What a up himself moron.

So, you won't be using STREET'S TRANSATLANTIC CROSSING GUIDE on your passage over to the Med, one can safely presume? Nor any of the Imray-Iolaire charts he's created? Not to mention, his TransAtlantic Chart of Gnomic Projection? Too bad, it sounds pretty useful:

It is amazing when looking at a course line of Gnomic Projection: Bermuda to the Azores, if you swing north to pick up the prevailing westerlies you discover you are very close to the southern limit of the ice bergs. On the face of this chart we will be showing the position of distinctive icebergs that have been recorded through the years. One of them almost reached Bermuda and a number of them have drifted down as low as 30.
Also on this chart are shown the major port to port courses, for going both eastwards and westwards across the Atlantic.

On the back of this chart you will find weather charts for May, June and July; October, November and December. We are only showing those months, as boats should not be trying to cross the Atlantic, sailing to or from the Caribbean outside those months. The weather charts will not only show roses for every 5 square, but it will also show the areas and frequencies where gales are expected, also areas and frequency where waves can be exptected of 12 feet or more. May, June and July weather information will show where the icebergs can be expected, and areas where the growlers have been recorded regularly.
Your post really should be preserved for posterity... Pavlidis and Street, 2 men probably as intimately acquainted with the breadth of the Bahamas and Caribbean as anyone alive, not to mention Street's 40+ years as an insurance broker in the yachting industry... And, as to their use of "technology", you obviously haven't the slightest clue as to how a guy like Steve Pavlidis creates his cruising guide's charts in the first place...

And yet, here we have the opinions of such "fools" deemed "hogwash" by a poster on Sailnet...

Freakin' CLASSIC...
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