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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by JonEisberg View Post
One last time, let me shout it from the mountaintop: I LOVE MY CHARTPLOTTER!, and all the convenience, confidence and security it affords me... ...
I have NO DESIRE WHATSOEVER to return to the Good Old Days, or consign my electronic nav aids to the trash bin - nor am I encouraging anyone else to do so... I'm simply suggesting that this technology is often being MISUSED by many sailors today, that is all...

Even, when it's doing its best to convince me not to believe my own lyin' eyes...
I guess the problem of following blindingly a plotter has some similarities with people following blindly car GPS information. People believe in that even when obviously the information doesn't make any make sense and that is about what you are talking about. That blind trust that in a car is funny is dangerous on a boat. I will not tell you the many car GPS anecdotes I have saw or new about, I will tell you one with a plotter:

My wife, on the cabin, stars to scream at me saying I am almost hitting a rock. I am outside at the wheel, it is a clear day I am navigating having a look from time to time to the plotter, seeing the marks and dangers and then navigating by eye and compass.

I was a bit frightening with the panic that I could hear in is voice but mostly amazed. I know I am careful. So, because I was navigating with the outside plotter out (to save energy) after looking around and seeing that all the things and marks were where they were supposed to be, including a signalized small isolated rock (100m to port) and because my wife was becoming almost hysterical I went below to see what the hell she was talking about and to calm her.

To my surprise the rock that was 100m to port was almost hitting the boat and I found out it was very difficult to convince my wife that I knew more than the machine. I had to take her to the cockpit to show her where was the rock.

No it is the opposite, she looks at the information on the plotter with a lot of skepticism and is always cheeking to see if everything is right

Information on the plotter is almost always correct but trust blindly on it and the first time it isn't you are done.

I guess that what you are talking about is about this kind of blind confidence even when obviously the plotter was not made for that. It is not a freaking game video and that is why any plotter when you light it up starts with a warning that warns precisely about that blind trust.


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