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Re: rammed:by the customs & border patrol

"We can debate whether they should have the authority to do so, but the boarding officers are doing what they are told, not what they decided on a whim. How much would you need to be paid to risk your life at your job? Pretty brave in my book."

There's no 'debate'; USCG boarding a vessel, moored or in motion, while wielding M-16s is an armed home invasion if you live aboard. If there's no probable cause, they've committed a criminal act. No bravery involved when an elderly sailing couple is sitting in their cockpit and wondering what the heck is going on.

If you don't set out to daily harass and molest passersby, then no risk is incurred.

As for "doing what they're told", isn't that the 'defense' made at Nuremberg by some Nazis?

No, the USA is in a very bad way, for it's evident that the Soviets and Nazis actually won the war, ideologically and practically, and those lives expended in the "defense of freedom" were ultimately wasted. Red Dawn is thus become a documentary, with daily episodes videoed by police dashboard and intersection surveillance cameras. Except the children must shoot each other.

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