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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post

Soooooo,,,what causes a Captain of a boat, with more than just casual dockside experience to run toward a shallow narrow channel, in 40 knot winds opposing tide conditions, large ocean swells and breaking waves, experienced for hours on end, 2 members of the crew too sick to stand watch, pleading with the captain, broken autopilot, obvious rage conditions during daylight hours. Why the chartplotter of course.


Thats your argument
Right from the get-go, I have referred to the RULE 62 tragedy as a "GPS-enabled incident"... Check my initial post on the matter again, should you still have any doubts...

Sinking of Rule 62

Unless my understanding of the English language is fundamentally flawed, "enabling" is not the equivalent of "causation"...


transitive verb \i-ˈnā-bəl\
Definition of ENABLE
a : to provide with the means or opportunity - training that enables people to earn a living
b : to make possible, practical, or easy - a deal that would enable passage of a new law
c : to cause to operate - software that enables the keyboard

Synonyms: allow, empower, let, permit
We can only speculate what CAUSED Ross to attempt to enter that cut that night... I suspect it was a combination of many factors - panic, exhaustion, desperation, inexperience, a profound ignorance of the risks involved, an overwhelming desire to simply get himself and his crew off that damn boat which trumped all reason, lack of mastery of the technique of heaving-to, a total disregard for the most elemental caution against entering unknown harbors at night, sheer stupidity, the unawareness of other relatively nearby safe havens, an intense craving for a Bahamian rum drink or ice cream cone, or who knows what else...

All I am suggesting is that it was the extraordinary precision and accuracy which electronic charting would have afforded him, likely CONTRIBUTED to his decision to proceed, and that an attempt to enter that cut in those conditions made any sense whatsoever...

I always endeavor to express myself in these discussions clearly, and with precision.... Again, I invite you - or anyone else - to show me something I've written which implies I believe the chartplotter aboard RULE 62 to be a direct CAUSE of that tragedy, or would absolve the captain of any responsibility in the slightest degree... If I believed a chartplotter was the "cause" of the tragedy, I would have said so... Thus, my use of the word "enabled", instead...

Where we appear to disagree, is in your belief that he would have entered that cut in any event, he was so determined to do so he would have done so even without the help of the pinpoint accuracy of a GPS, or today's state of the art e-charts... I simply doubt that, and believe he would not have been emboldened to attempt that cut - especially, at night - without those particular tools to enable him to do so... That's just my hunch, and I think it's one that is reasonably substantiated by what I've witnessed over the years, but we'll never know for certain, of course...

It's been fun, Dave - but I'm gonna have to call it quits on this issue... If I haven't been able to make myself plainly understood by now, chances are I'll never be able to do so...

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