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Originally Posted by cherev View Post

There's no 'debate'; USCG boarding a vessel, moored or in motion, while wielding M-16s is an armed home invasion if you live aboard. If there's no probable cause, they've committed a criminal act. No bravery involved when an elderly sailing couple is sitting in their cockpit and wondering what the heck is going on.
So how do they know you're a liveaboard? Should live aboard have a special flag? What if I'm a drug runner / live aboard?

You paint a scene of an elderly couple in rocking chairs on their porch when SWAT come flying up. It's not exactly like that.

If you don't set out to daily harass and molest passersby, then no risk is incurred.
Not really sure you could call it harassment... and definitely not a molestation. I've never heard an account of inappropriate touching by the Coast Guard.

As for "doing what they're told", isn't that the 'defense' made at Nuremberg by some Nazis?
This holds a little water, it is the same defense... but you've blown it out of proportion! They are not killing, torturing nor even hurting anybody really. Be sure to remind them that you called them nazis when they are plucking from freezing water while your boat breaks up.

No, the USA is in a very bad way, for it's evident that the Soviets and Nazis actually won the war, ideologically and practically, and those lives expended in the "defense of freedom" were ultimately wasted. Red Dawn is thus become a documentary, with daily episodes videoed by police dashboard and intersection surveillance cameras. Except the children must shoot each other.
That's pretty sensationalist. Obviously your thoughts on this have become extremely polarized, and open discussion about it is likely not possible.

Let's say they get rid of USCG, and YOU have a company and are given the task of rescuing people on the sea. Cool, look at these neat helicopters the government gave you. First little while you are a hero... saving people is cool.

Then you save some jackass that didn't even have a lifejacket on his boat! Then you get called to save a guy who tried to get to south America in a 13' guppy! Then some other dude who never sailed before, boat a 34' boat and took off without knowing how to use his gps, and without checking the weather.

All of this is $ out of your pocket. You can't buy the upgrades to equipment you need... you're having a hard time keeping up your end of the contracted area for your rescues.

Now they add to your contract that you have to catch drug runners... but they aren't paying you more.

How do you solve that? Inspections... that's how. Offer volunteer inspections, give them a sticker... but you're still needing to be sure that some idiot isn't trying to signal you with an expired flare that doesn't work.

It's not a nazi thing... it's due diligence.


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