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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
JOn .

He was on a mission, He made the bad decision when he entered turned the boat toward the Bahamas into shallow water against advice from the rally organizers. He had plenty of time to heave to, continue on and instead against advice and logic he chose to head for shore and shelter.

Wether you want to quibble over the word enable or cause makes no difference really. Decisions get traced back to the Captain.
Once again, I am in complete agreement on that, and I'd be curious to see whatever I've written that woud indicate I believe otherwise...

I disagree that his decision to divert to the Bahamas was fundamentally flawed, I don't necessarily see anything "bad" in that... Seems obvious he was saddled with a crew that wasn't up to completing the trip to Tortola, from his position along the rhumb line, the Bahamas were the obvious bail-out option... Once the decision to abandon the rally was taken, seems like a sensible choice to me, and I'm a bit mystified why the rally organizers might have thought it was inherently foolhardy...

Of course, the decision to make for a landfall in the Abacos, however, was the fateful one... That turned out to be an astoundingly poor decision. If he had simply laid a course for the NE Providence Channel, and after only a few more hours of sailing, he could have tucked in behind Hole in the Wall, for instance, for a bit of rest... Then, proceeded for the easy, safe approach to a place like Spanish Wells, or on to Nassau... I wish we had access to some transcript (no such thing likely exists, of course) of the radio communications between the organizers and RULE 62, it would be interesting to see whether such considerations were at any point made clear to him...

Of course, it's another one of my "hunches" that the likely lack of having a large scale paper chart spread out before him in the planning stages of his landfall, instead of panning and zooming all over a computer or plotter screen one foot square, might have contributed mightily to his apparent blindness to The Bigger Picture, and those far better options... (grin)

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