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Vendee Globe

Jesus, another one that is probably have to give up and this time a true contender to the victory, Vincent Riou:

Vincent Riou tells about his colision with a metal buoy. “I was sailing on port side when I heard a big noise at bow of the boat. The buoy hit the starboard side. This is the first problem and that’s bad but it’s not the worst. I managed to see the boy because I was the navigation station. It was a huge metal buoy, something you find in a commercial port. Because it was almost submerged it must have been at sea a long time.

I think the buoy was half air and half water. “After the buoy hit the hull four metres away from the bow, it hit the shroud, the carbon cable which helps to support the mast. The only luck I have today is that it is only carbon composite material, so me and my team are analysing the damage in order to find the best way to imagine some repairs. I have sent all the information to my architect and rigging manager. I expect some repair proposals from them. The Vendée Globe turns on very small details like rubbish you can find on the water. See you (sadly)"...

“I think I have a good solution to repair the boat efficiently. But it could take a long time because of the weather conditions. It’s very hot and it’s complicated. I won’t be able to repair whenever I want. I am trying to find the best solution and see if I can go on with my race. The Vendée Globe turns on very small details like rubbish you can find on the water.”

The 40-year-old Brittany skipper is famous for his skill and inscrutability but you need some luck to finish a Vendée Globe let alone win one. It these hidden dangers, rogue containers and buoys that are not where they are supposed to be, are what the skippers fear most.

Meanwhile Sam Davies (wit another sailor) is bringing back her boat uder Jury rig to France, doing 7K.

Sam Davies et sa nouvelle grand-voile por VendeeGlobeTV

The "small" problems that were making Stamm to be slower than the others. Don't miss this. Stamm went to the top of the nast with the boat at speed slaming int o waves to take care of that little problem Very impressive images. These guys are not only incredible sailors but also incredible guys capable of quite amazing stuff.

Bernard Stamm grimpe en tête de mât por VendeeGlobeTV

Second week’s highlights (in English)

Second week’s highlights por VendeeGlobeTV

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