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Re: rammed:by the customs & border patrol

"If you can quote the criminal law that makes an armed boarding illegal, we're listening. "
Is that a trick question? An armed boarding is only illegal under certain circumstances, trick question #1, it is not *always* illegal.
And the first level law that makes boardings illegal in many situations, regardless of whether they are armed or not, is of course not a criminal code, but the Fourth Amendment. Trick #2 of the question.

As for the rash of other state and federal laws that might apply, even the simple act of "brandishing" a weapon is a criminal violation in most venues. If your boarding party is pointing their M16s at anything they don't plan to shoot--that's brandishing.

Now let's come back to "boarding officers". If they are USCG they probably are not "officers" . There might be one or two officers on the boat. The rest of the boarding party? Might be gentlemen but rarely officers.
Or, they might be "Peace Officers" under state law, not military officers. In which case, really guys, you should see the psych profiles for the average LEO compared to the average thug and bully. Or maybe no one else has heaerd of hazing, harassment, occasional deaths and injuries at police academies, military academies, and similar issues? Thugs and bullies, a fine line to draw when you need macho dogs of war.

While the military & PDs have professed to try screening these guys out in recent decades, they still aren't doing a perfect job of it. A stranger with a gun is a stranger with a gun, in or out of uniform. That cuts both ways.

If a man needs a gun to feel comfortable and safe around me--he'd damn well better have a want and warrant, and a specific reason to have that weapon out. In this country, under what remains of this constitution, "SOP" is not a valid reason to draw your weapon for a routine safety inspection.

When a street cop walks into a restaurant, orders dinner, walks out without paying because it is "on the cuff", that's the same crime. A thug who has bullied someone out of a meal. These men are supposed to be civil servants--not sovereigns. And the good ones, the ones that earn my respect, damn well know that.

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